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31 thoughts on “XRP Pump Before Systems Go Down!”
  1. Its your kids that are Following these orders.are governments and agencies are out of control. Not we the people. There making them doing that you need to talk to you kids.

  2. IMO we will move to mineral-based backed fiat/crypto assets.
    Russia has the most natural resources next to Africa and China basically owns China due to loans/debt… Thus China has control of most of Africa's resources. China the country has very few assets itself.
    We need to remember… "He who holds the gold, Makes the rules".

  3. Check out the adapt 2030 you tube channel, he talks a lot about the cycles and the grand solar minimum. The planetary alignments have been significant in history.

  4. SUPER SHMITA🎺 Ready for 911 style 🌎E.Q. Controlled Demolition of the old fiat financial system?🏦💥💥💥🤯All countries must adopt Gold backed CBDCs built on XRPL or fade to oblivion.🦁 ISAIAH 60:12
    ISO 20022

  5. Paying off the small fines compared to the profits is like giving gratuity for the privilege like tipping your waiter. The rich stay rich! But we are having this huge transfer of wealth and many hard-working people who have paid attention are going to be financially blessed Beyond measure!

  6. JPM are in much more trouble than you think. Hes lying to congress that he doesnt need retail i have proof im in UK hes bought my tiny little Paypal credit account! 🤣

  7. Only if China invades .The heads of three major US banks on Wednesday pledged that they would withdraw from the Chinese market if Washington imposed sanctions on Beijing in response to an invasion of Taiwan. You are making things up lol

  8. The collapse does not happen until 2026, Read Phill Anersons 18.5 year property cycle. Watch his predictions on you tube from 10 years ago. No one else comes close to getting it right.

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