Terra Luna Classic grants are moving forward with the votes from the LUNC community. Will these grants produce the utility necessary to move LUNC higher?


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19 thoughts on “Terra Luna Classic | Will This Help LUNC Movie Higher?”
  1. Das ist ziemlich cool, ich bin irgendwie neu im Krypto-Raum und habe mich gefragt, ob Krypto-Day-Trading eine sichtbare Option ist, um Geld zu verdienen. Sind sie dort konsistente Strategien?

  2. I'm with Matt we need to increase the burn tax to 3% or 5% to get it down to a $10 billion dollar supply if the so-called developers can't build on a chain because it's too high so be it they'll be back once we get a lot of volume and a lot of people talking about it they will come running back and this burn is not forever we just need to get to a stable footing and a better foundation

  3. The goal in the beginning was to burn terra luna classic the supply to get it to a certain level where we can build on it that was the beginning then we lowered the burn tax and nothing happened where are these developers at you keep talking about where are they Or we too busy worried about this 4.1 million dollar wallet that nobody wants to touch from fear or prosecution or legal troubles we need to just bite the bullet and burn the supply like we set out to do
    in the beginning

  4. All these videos and proposals are about feeding money to the developers. Clay, when we going to hear about something positive Terra Luna Classic? This is turning into a crazy developer cash grab. Holding the eco system to ransom. Where does it end?

  5. It makes you wonder, will you continue to get legit information from all these "other guys" if this is passed? First, they did it because they wanted it to succeed. Now, because they want to pass it and get paid? I agree with you, kinda weird.

  6. The developers need paid. You all wouldn’t want to work for free either. I would prefer them to get paid enough so they can quit their day jobs and work on LUNC full time! Quit crying about the people who saved LUNC getting paid and let’s move on. I will be voting yes.

  7. Claybro out of your 2065 videos over the last 3 years. I sincerely believe this is one of your best…I honestly can say You absolutely do deserve something for your time and effort!!

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