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My name is Austin Hilton and on this channel I teach you about personal finance and crypto investing. I work hard to help you find the best altcoins to buy that are going to do well in the future.

This video is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research before making any decisions with your money. I will not be held liable for any losses or gains you may experience. I am not your financial or investment advisor. This is completely educational content and should be taken as such – the views expressed in the content are opinions. Nothing on this channel should be taken as a recommendation to buy a particular crypto asset. The information shared on this channel is not indicative of future results. Analyses are not absolute and are prone to change in accordance with present and future market events. Please do all of your own research before you buy any cryptocurrency (altcoin) or any financial product.

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  1. I bought in when it was at all time high. I have been averaging down time and time again. Now is a great opportunity to buy if your are in my situation. Take some risk to set yourself up to make money!

  2. Thank you Austin for keeping everyone informed on a daily basis. Keep up the great work . I watch you almost everyday. Unlike some of these videos. They only talk about Shiba when it's good News . Not goong to name any names .

  3. Real pros know that this is actually time to buy and I would buy Amazons new one. Did you know they entered? There are invites where you get into it and the one with the best bonus is found at: AMA1000X

  4. Well guess what we just had FTX crashing and now we have the new giant. Just few hours ago Amazons AMA1000X asset hit the roads. I think they have a better chance to run these things since their funds are pretty much unlimited?

  5. Don't doubt the whole thing just because some fools like FTX failed us. We are right in time with the rainbow chart and right in time with closing this downhill for good and the catalyst to that is also there now that Amazon went ahead to announce AMA1000X

  6. I did not believe that after the whole FTX drama there's any good to get this year but Amazons AMA1000X proved otherwise. Bad timing maybe but it's a great adoption to get this more to the mainstream and raise awareness. Probably a high contender for a top 100 growth

  7. Stocks and traditional markets are ruined, in a way also the crypt.. but not all of it as the recent announcement of AMA1000X is blowing through all roofs

  8. It's not possible to hide it longer and all of us should take some time to think about AMA1000X and what it will do to the economoy. On my side I'm very optimistic with this and there is no better time to know about that than now

  9. Stability, usecase, utility. These are factors which should transform you into a buyer and not the idea of whatever it's gonna work. This sounds simple but apprently still too difficult to most. My idea is Amazons AMA1000X, they provide all these values and more.

  10. For the most time of this year if you would invest into anything it is not doing very well I mean that's pretty obvious. But the launch of AMA1000X plays a different game and it is less affected by such moves as the utility is simply too strong. Just my bet

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