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40 thoughts on “Shiba Inu hits $8.00, God Said Set Your Sell and Buy Limit Orders now, How to Set Up on Coinbase”
  1. 👉🏽 Sign up for Coinbase Free $10 Bitcoin: https://coinbase.com/join/campan_h3
    Cashapp: $therealematos

    Zelle: em@emmanuelmatos.com

    PayPal: em@emmanuelmatos.com

    👉🏽Link to Music and More


    SCAMS Again guys please be careful with scammers in the comment section. They currently make fake accounts of the User (me) and share a whatsapp number where they take your information. Another scheme is they use a bot page and make a comment on how they need help, then fake pages comment under it "recommending" them to a financial advisor etc. They do this so you can fall for the trap by being curious. Curiosity Killed the Cat. Don't fall for these fake pages, don't let people invest for you, do not give anyone access to your exchanges or accounts or wallets. Please be smart and don't fall for the traps out here. I do my best to monitor comments but I can't stop them all the time. God bless you, support my ministry if you can all my pages are verified and all my links are in the description.

    UPDATE The different between Post and Taker is that Post will cancel it it goes beyond your limit price. While Allow Take will sell at your limit price or better. This is the information I have received please still pray about it and update us with any better explanation for this.

  2. Bitcoin is the flagship of the crypto world. If it falls most of the crypto market will follow it. If Bitcoin crashes people will sell their Bitcoin and might move it to another coin, like Shiba Inu or Terra Classic. Those who have been listening to the Prophets will know which coins to invest in.

  3. Aww man, I wish I watched this video before buying. I bought at market not at limits. So now what?! Man, I’m really not trying to miss out on this. I’m so tired!!!

  4. So this is crazy bc i don’t have dreams, if I do I don’t remember them. I dreamt that shib went to 8 cents then 80 cents, but I def got the number 8

    If you do post only your order will only execute if someone is willing to buy your entire order all at once leaving you to pay one fee

    If you allow takers your coins could sell in 1 or 100 or more smaller transactions at that price and fees for each sale would add up to be about double what they would have been.

    .60 per trade is the most they can take…..in the end it's not that big a deal and allowing takers will get your stuff sold and money in your pocket faster if it hits your price for only a short period of time.

    I recommend allow takers. your more likely to sell quicker, and MAYBE you pay…EXAMPLE $30 fee for post only and $60 for allow takers……not that big a deal

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