This video will teach how to model trousers (lowerbody)

This tutorial series has been broken down into over 21 videos, each one covering a specific subject so you can easily locate the video that is relative to the help you need. This series is also great for 3D artists to look over before making the move into Decentraland. It will highlight all the limits best workflows when making wearables for Decentraland

The videos will cover making all the different types of wearables and getting them in-game without any issues and abiding by the resource limits.
For each item (upperbody, helmet, lowerbody etc.) there will be a series of videos following it from mesh creation, UV unwrapping, normal sculpting and baking, texturing, rigging, testing and submission

The tutorials will cover Blender, Photoshop and Substance Painter

Videos made by Sango –


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