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46 thoughts on “Everything Should Be An NFT – Permissionless Brand Collaborations”
  1. Why would companies want to make it so anyone can advertise to users of their platform without even paying them? Or harvest their data?

    How would advertisers reach these users, while not receiving any form of contact information?

  2. I can see the pros and cons of Netflix NFT's as an example. The Pros: everything you mentioned and more. The con's- customers will have to purchase more and more levels of NFT's as they come out with more and more promotions. (ie, things will cost more and more). Just a guess.

  3. Young man I love your enthusiasm and insight. At 74 I get it. Finally put it all together for me to understand their value and especially their ability to free us from invasion of privacy. That is one the main reasons I became interested in crypto. Keep up the thinking. Bravo!!

  4. Wasn't that hard to understand. You really think we are ahead of 99% of people even though nfts are becoming more mainstream with things like Ronaldo NFTs coming out and stuff.

  5. Very interesting on how NFTs will evolve. I know Raoul Pal says NFT's will be the biggest driver bringing more people to block chain and I get a better understanding of what potential use cases might be that do this from this video. What I don't understand though, is how the average retail investor is going to be able to profit or invest in the right NFTs. It seems artists, media or companies will utilize this technology, but how does the average retail invest? Buy ETH? Buy SOL? Buy Matic? because this value will accrue to the L1's that have the most NFT transactions? Or is there a more direct way to invest?

  6. Serious question, do you use several accounts to keep ur information private. I’m small, so just take it and focus on what I really need to pay bills. Hey I am just asking for help.

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