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In this video, I discuss how Ethereum may have inadvertently turned itself into a security by moving from proof of work to proof of stake.

Not even 24 hours after the Merge, Gary Gensler has come out swinging, reminding people that staking rewards look a lot like interest income or dividends that are paid by a security.

Here’s some advice to crypto projects:

If you want to look more like a commodity, don’t have one guy in charge who creates the road map and drives development forward.

And especially don’t do that if the new feature that you just added looks a lot like an interest-bearing security. That doesn’t look too commodity-like to the SEC.

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Ether’s New ‘Staking’ Model Could Draw SEC Attention:

World Economic Forum loves Ethereum:

Ethereans get their big boy pants:

The head of the SEC says most cryptocurrencies are operating illegally:

Gary Gensler going after Ethereum:

Ethereum development sure looks centralized:

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22 thoughts on “Ethereum "Merges" With The SEC”
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  2. It would be great to hear your thoughts on ADA staking, since you stake directly from your wallet and can unstake at any time, or choose another stake pool, much like you can with changing which BTC mining pool you connect your ASIC to. At least, that's how I've understood it works with ADA.

  3. You need to need to fail ALL FOUR aspects of the Howie test to be a security. That aspect is always left out by SEC, as they are a money grab institution. Once you pay a sham fine or pay lawyers, or collapse, then they leave you alone. The entire capitalist market relies on the work of others to scale profits. that alone is not 'the test'.

  4. We all know ETH did not merge with sec. You’re always spreading FUD about everything other than BTC. Granted, BTC is good but stop making up stories about everything that is not BTC.

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