Has the #Bitcoin dominance begun its slow climb back up? We previously talked about the #BTC dominance having a potential inflection point in September, and there is still reason to believe that this is occurring, even if the pace of it is relatively slow. In this video we look at the #BTC dominance both including and excluding stable coins.

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44 thoughts on “Bitcoin Dominance”
  1. I mean, we are where we are and it is interesting to see when and how things play out. In the meantime I still believe it is a good time to slowly dca into the market, focussing on the "established" crypto currencies and buy some alts after doing a proper research about them. Should play out well in the long run.

  2. Hey Ben.
    Regarding the subject, have you ever thought that there may be more guys holding their altcoins in this bearmarket? Maybe because their value is already so low that it wouldn't make any difference f they would sell now. Or maybe because they are dca-ing. Just an opinion.
    Keep up the great job you are doing, you are the best of the best.

  3. Also, Ben, you sir are a Jedi level pillar of the cryptosphere… loved your content and perspective from the very beginning. Keep up the amazing work 😎

  4. Until the SEC blesses a BTC ETF, Bitcoin isn’t looking better than alts imo given it’s massive first mover value accumulation at this stage. Regulation seems to be still clear as mud until there are definitive rules and legislation / decision no?

  5. Ben, I love your content. I really want to subscribe to your website. However, I still don't have the financial resources. Eventually, I will get there. I want to suggest to you openning a membership option here on your YT channel. It would be a good gateway to your more premium content. Please here me out!!! I would be one the first members!

  6. Remember Warren Buffets investment sentiment to be fearful when others are being greedy and be greedy when others are being fearful. Crypto markets are full of fear, time to be greedy and load up on your fave crypto?

  7. If even core dev like @peterktodd and maxis like @ercwl are saying Bitcoin need to remove 21M cap or security will fall, but the community still refuse to acknowledge this, I don't think it makes sense to assume Bitcoin dominance will go up.

  8. Funny all the ppl that have alot invested in bitcoin trying to sucker new ppl to buy in so they can get bailed out. Ben also likes ethereum but the bitcoin maxis that only like bitcoin are so cringe. They keep saying " dominance will rise it's normal range still" . Bitcoin can probably gain value against the dollar again,or short term gain dominance but it will continue to lose market share against more useful and better technological cryptos.

  9. There will come a day when the Market Matures abd BTC Dominance bever goes to 50% or higher again…that day is here. BTC is awesome and it will always be our first love, but people are HODLing ALT Coins now. This is ab Emerging Asset Class and it will continue to change, rapidly, from cycle to cycle. Past performance is not indicative of future performance, as everyone continuously says. The days of BTC Dominance at 50-70% are over

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