Bitcoin price analysis UNPREDICTABLE as it closes out Septembear, amid U.S. recession talks!!

Chainlink announces HUGE UPDATES!! Cronos Chain unveils its new ROADMAP, Meta welcomes U.S. NFT Sharing!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:20 Introduction
0:32 Bitcoin vs. U.S. Recession
2:06 Chainlink Movements
2:51 Cronos Roadmap Update
3:44 Meta Welcomes U.S NFT Sharing

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33 thoughts on “BIG BITCOIN DUMP! SELL NOW? Major META, Chainlink, News!!”
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  2. < You have to remember that this time around the pump we had was not as big as other times. So the drop may not be as bad this time around too. Everything depends on BTC. The market price can best be described by logarithmic regression in my own opinion, these kinds of ups and downs are nothing new meanwhile Antonio Carlson Crypto is doing a great job as I've been able to accumulate more stacks with his help as I'm no longer bothered about the market prices.

  3. I cannot over emphasize the importance of being an experienced trader to make good returns off the crypto space, else you'd join the group that call it a gamble.
    Those that understand the market trends always seem to be a step ahead and apply adequate measures to stay secure no matter the situation.

  4. No matter how much you have traded or lost trading doesn’t guarantee you’ll make it back in the near future the charts are ruthless and doesn’t have sympathy for anyone. This is why a professional approach to the trading world is the best when you have an experienced one like pen Larry then you’re in the right position to win

  5. Th truth is Ethereum is trash 🗑.
    Proof-of-stake = security
    Centralize = 40%+ Ethereum POS nodes r controlled by 2 addresses belonging to coinbase an Lido and
    Transaction = High gas ⛽️ fee

  6. Spot <on! You are getting good at being ahead of the trend. Good job man! You nailed it. How do we go into recession with home prices not going down . Loans are secure compared to 2008 or people/ corps paying cash. Massive transfer of funds to homes. Wouldn’t there have to be massive drop in home prices & increase of inventory if recession is here. You need to consider that inflation may be causing the consumer to spend at or above previous levels even if they are actually buying less bc everything costs more. Not sure that is a good indicator for the current state of things. So if people know that inflation is here and gets up every month. When would you buy stuff you wanted to buy for a while. Yes, NOW because it will get more expensive next month. So if people spend like crazy it's not a sign that inflation is going away, it's a sign that inflation will increase and at some point the people stop spending because inflation is so high they just can't or don't want to pay the high prices anymore. Most of us are pro-crypto because it represents financial independence from the government. Several of our states are looking to add the right to use crypto to their state constitutions. My state of ND is putting together a BTC farm with the state government's blessing as well. It really boils down to time regardless of how long, BTC will eventually win. All roads lead to Bitcoin! BTC originally set to work outside the system, but is currently using fiat on/off ramps b/c it's necessary for more adoption. It's unfair on how things have turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult but BTC trading has helped me maintain financial stability. Although I believe that the benefits of successful trading come from an expert and that is why I made huge profits with the help of Mr. Chris Dunn, he is a genius and that is why I always advise beginners/investors to trade with professionals like him. So far I have been able to increase my trading portfolio from day trading with 2.07 btc to over 14.5 btc with the accurate trading signal given to me by a veteran trader and signal provider Mr Chris Dunn and I'm an attestant to the accuracy of his trading signal. You all in search of a way to recover your looses from the crash and accumulate more profits can reach out to her for profitable trading system on Telegram @Christvdunn for any crypto related issues >>>

  7. I get it views went down people have left the space but your channel is turning into nothing but click bait thumbnails People that are here and still watching aren't going anywhere!

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